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On Saturday (20/05/17) at the match v East Kilbride Alex Haddow organised a collection to help raise funds for Cowdenbeath FC's new initiative Club 135.  Among those helping with the bucket collection was long-time Cowden fan Matty Aitken who had travelled all the way up from Liverpool to support his home town club.  Thanks to Alex and Matty and the other volunteers involved a sum of £515.65 was raised from fans attending the game - what a great effort!
The 50/50 draw on Saturday was won by another Cowdenbeath exile Jim Blair who had come up to the game from Nottingham.  Jim scooped a win of £250 and had no hesitation in pledging the full amount straight away to Club 135 - a great gesture by Jim.  
Among others making their own personal contributions to Club 135 on Saturday were Dave Room and Alison Allan as another £199 was handed over.  
So, as you can see, Club 135 is really gaining momentum and following Saturday's result that is what we are aiming for both on and off the field.  So many turned up and did their bit for our Club on Saturday and that same approach and commitment to Club 135 will be key going forward.  
10/05/2017 - We anticipate having the arrangements to accept online/electronic donations to Club 135 up and running in the next few days.  
This of course is a vital time all round for Cowdenbeath FC - so once we do go live we are counting on all your support to make this initiative snowball.  
It is a crucial part of the way ahead for the Club.  
We can also provide an update on some more of the fans, well-wishers and activists who have already played a part by donating to Club 135.  
Firstly, we had a great £300 collective donation from those who travelled on the free bus to Elgin last Saturday.  Then we can add to the Roll of Honour as contributors - Dr Bob Brownlie, Noreen Brownlie, Andrew Philp all the way from Canada, Andrine George, David George, 'In Memory of James and Fraser Bruce', Daisy Anderson, 'In Memory of Andrew Allan 1926-95', 'In Memory of Davie Allan 1897-1976', 'In Memory of Willie Bell 1902-88' and Drew Higgins who together donated a further £360.
On Saturday (29/4/17) we had a real show of guts and determination from our team and great backing from the Cowden faithful.  Over and above the match itself, we had a number of fans keen to ensure they were among the very first to demonstrate their support for the Club by making their own donations to Club 135.  Leading the way, just as he always did on the park was ex-Cowden skipper and 2006 Championship hero Innes Ritchie back at Central Park after his Australian sojourn and still showing the same great commitment to our club  Innes is pictured handing over his tenner to Cowden director Sandy Ferguson.  (Picture courtesy Jillian McFarlane)
We also had Gary Timney and friends Karen Harrison, Kevin Harrison and Maria Harrison travelling all the way up from Basingstoke to get behind the Blue Brazil and they also wanted to make their contribution to  Club 135  handing over their tenners to Manager Gary Locke at Central Park.  Gary and Kevin are here pictured with Gary.  Cowden’s fighting display against the League leaders was enjoyed by Gary and his party as was Gary’s winning of the 50/50 draw.  A delighted Gary there and then donated a further £100 to Club 135 – what a great gesture!
Also determined to be among the very first to demonstrate their allegiance to their club and make Club 135 a roaring success were loyal fans Amelia Howie, Ali Howie, Robert McKinlay and Captain Jimmy Robertson who between them pledged another £140 to the Club 135 cause.  So the Club 135 train has now left the station and is gathering momentum.  Hop on soon and help us on the journey.   Only together can we meet the challenge. 
On April 22nd 2017 Club 135 was launched. First subscribers were Directors Tom Ewing, Margaret Steven and Alex Anderson who between them contributed a total of £420 to kick things off.
Many fans have seen this trailed and have been awaiting further details. Well in the next few weeks and months more and more information and Club 135 initiatives will be launched on a progressive basis. There will also be meetings and it is crucial for the club’s wellbeing and future that fans play a full part in these. The idea is to get the ball rolling now and gather increasing momentum. Have no doubt though - Club 135 is absolutely vital to Cowdenbeath FC’s future. It is sometimes said that the Board are the custodians or guardians who have responsibility for safeguarding Cowdenbeath FC. That is not true – they have an important role but the true custodians and guardians of Cowdenbeath FC are the fans and the wider local community. They are the folks who are the key to preserving and keeping Cowdenbeath FC alive and to building the club’s future.
Club 135 will have a number of facets. One absolutely simple aim is to build a financial base for the club that underpins its sustainability and its financial position. Without stock car income, major transfer fee income, large gates, windfalls from televised Cup games, bank overdraft facilities and reliance on increased Directors’ contributions – we need a new financial model on which we can build a solid base and future. Bear in mind we won’t have £80,000 or so cash reserves to bring forward for next season as we did this year. Nor are there any big League gates on the horizon for next season.
As previously mentioned we have been in a ‘Save Cowdenbeath FC mode’ for a number of seasons now. Various options have been explored in that time but at the end of the day the future simply lies in all our hands – there is no sugar-daddy or white knight likely to come to the party to help. So at the heart of Club 135 is a desire to build these stronger financial foundations to take our club forward in a stable manner. Club 135 gets its name from the 135 plus years Cowdenbeath FC have been in existence – the club was founded by the people of Cowdenbeath and district and has been supported by that same constituency throughout its long life.
Yes once again it means raising funds – that is football nowadays. The simple ambition, and it will be a challenge, is to raise say £135,000 over a period to bolster Cowdenbeath FC for the years ahead as it adapts to its current circumstances. A ‘Blue Peter Appeal’ if you want to think of it that way!
£135,000 is a lot of money – no doubt about it. But in another way it is just £10 a head from 13,500 people. That though means enlisting to the cause every Cowdenbeath fan, every Cowdenbeath well-wisher, anyone with family or footballing links to Cowdenbeath world-wide – maybe from a family which had its roots in the mining community of Cowdenbeath, or any other generous spirited individuals. All helping to try to preserve what is not just a much loved football club but is a prized community asset. For example, as well as on behalf of yourself, why not make a donation in memory of your father, grandfather or other relative who although no longer with us were dedicated and loyal fans of the club in times past?
Through your efforts via the likes of social media we could look to bring in friends and family on a global basis and thus hopefully get the support of enough people willing to donate just a tenner at least each (larger amounts of course would be welcomed) to try and secure the future of the club. We will set up a mechanism to facilitate donations electronically but Club 135 needs your support and impetus behind it. It needs your promotion and who knows maybe we can ‘go viral’ as they say nowadays. Let’s all please have a real go.
Taking Cowdenbeath FC forward also means we will need more supporters/volunteers to share the demanding workload next season and onwards and that too will come under Club 135. We will also look at the future ownership model for the Club. If you have bright ideas to add to the pot then let’s hear them. We have various ideas how contributors can be acknowledged and commemorated but again let us have your ideas re this. Today we take the first steps on a journey – let’s go forward together and see what we can achieve. This isn’t about traditional football club models so maybe we can break the mould. Gusto, drive, personal commitment and teamwork will be required but cynicism and sitting on the sidelines leaving others to carry the load isn’t a recipe for a successful future. Your personal commitment and ideas are part of the solution.  
Please enter the amount you wish to donate, and the name you wish to donate under in the boxes below and then click the donate button (Please note the minimum donation amount is £10.  Only enter the numbers for the amount you wish to donate into the box):

Donator Name: Amount to Donate in £: