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2012/13 Season News

Club Statement

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Club Statement

PostedJuly 4, 2012

Due to speculation surrounding the issue of “Rangers” and its possible admission to the SFL, the Board of Cowdenbeath FC wishes to clarify the following.

At the regular monthly Board Meeting held on Monday 2nd July 2012, the Board of Cowdenbeath resolved that it would support any application made by “Rangers” to join the SFL. It would not support any attempt to admit “Rangers” into the First Division of the SFL.

Today, “Rangers” have been excluded from the SPL.

At an Emergency Board Meeting held at Central Park tonight (4th July 2012) the Board again considered the matter.

The Board decided that it would support any application by “Rangers” to join the SFL but would vote against the present proposal which, amongst other matters, would admit “Rangers” directly into the First Division of the SFL.

This decision has been taken in the interests of football and the best interests of Cowdenbeath FC.

A Board spokesman said “If integrity in our game is to survive, then Rangers must start off SFL life in the Third Division. This is an SPL problem but the Clubs of that league have taken their decision for reasons which they must explain to all Scottish football supporters. The SPL and SFA should have resolved this long before now. They have tried to pass the buck to the SFL clubs and have tried to force them to accept “Rangers” into the First Division – to provide the greatest benefit to the SPL. This lacks any integrity and casts a dark shadow over our game. Cowdenbeath FC condemns this approach. The Board is in no doubt that our stance is consistent with integrity and the long term financial future of our Club. We ask all supporters of what ever Club, who share our views, to rally round and back us in the Season ahead”.

Chairman Donald Findlay added – “Speaking for myself, and myself alone, it is clear to me that people at the highest levels of our game have tried to hold a gun to my head and the heads of my colleagues. That will never work. But I have a long memory and will not forget what they tried to do and the way they tried to bend me, and this Club, to their will. That will never be allowed to happen”

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