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2015/16 Season News

Street Name

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Street Name

PostedJanuary 12, 2016

On 14 December 2015, the Courier carried the following article, 'A campaign will be launched next year to find a name for an anonymous Cowdenbeath street. The street with no name, nicknamed “Bono” in reference to the U2 song, used to be an access route to Central Park before it was adopted by Fife Council. Area services manager Kevin Sayer, who coined the nickname, said: “It is at least as long as Pit Road so it does need a name to commemorate its existence. At the moment it is numbered as an extension to the High Street, which is nonsense.
“It was perhaps an access road to Central Park and was formally adopted by transportation services. It looks like they maintain it, but it still has no name.”
A steering group is being formed with the aim of creating a town centre development trust. Mr Sayer said the steering group would lead the search for a street name. “There could be a naming competition for the street with no name.“This is something that the development trust steering group is looking to take on. “It’s something that could generate a lot of interest, including among local school kids.” '
The Board of Cowdenbeath FC does indeed agree that it would be appropriate for this street to have a name. It was of course originally the route of the mineral railway from Number 7 Pit which crossed the High Street at the Level Crossing. Access to Central Park was then via a pathway under the Railway Bridge alongside the track.
The Board would like to ask all its fans and the community to back their proposal that the street name chosen should reflect the substantial contribution of the Football Club to the community of Cowdenbeath over the 135 years or so of the club's existence. So let's have your suggestions to the Board of Cowdenbeath FC as to what name would be appropriate and your backing for our campaign.
Keep on backing the Blue Brazil!
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