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2015/16 Season News

Unacceptable Conduct

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Unacceptable Conduct

PostedMarch 21, 2016

The Board of Cowdenbeath FC at their meeting this evening considered the situation that arose on Saturday whereby there was unacceptable racist singing by some fans in the Cowdenbeath section. This led to an arrest being made by Police Scotland. The matter continues to be investigated.
The club’s published unacceptable conduct policy clearly sets out that Cowdenbeath FC will not tolerate this type of behaviour at Central Park. Any individual convicted of this offence or who is found to have committed a serious breach of this policy will be subject to appropriate action by the Club. That normally will include a ban on admission to Central Park. Let us be absolutely crystal clear - those who indulged in this conduct have seriously embarrassed and let down our club, its supporters and the good townsfolk of Cowdenbeath – there is absolutely no place for them at all at Central Park.
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