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2016/17 Season News

Dean Brett

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Dean Brett

PostedFebruary 20, 2017

Recently Dean Brett was the subject of a complaint to the SFA regarding comments made on his Twitter account. Following a hearing a suspension is now to be imposed on him. On investigating that complaint it became obvious to the SFA from his Twitter comments that Dean was also betting on football matches which as a professional footballer in Scotland is not permitted at all. The SFA then advised they would likely take further action once they had sourced a report from the Gambling Commission.

Subsequently the SFA have confirmed that Dean will be subject to another action as he will be charged with betting on football. The Gambling Commission report confirms betting activity since season 2011/12. This involves some 2787 bets covering 6369 matches. Most concerning of all these figures include 65 bets on matches in which Cowdenbeath FC were involved and crucially that on 8 occasions bets were placed on Cowdenbeath to lose a match - 5 of the bets involved matches in which Dean was playing.

Once this information was to hand the Manager and Chairman met with Dean last Thursday and Dean was suspended on full pay pending a Club disciplinary hearing this week as per the Club's Disciplinary Code of Practice.

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