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2017/18 Season News

Blue Brazil Bonus Ball

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Blue Brazil Bonus Ball

Posted†May 4, 2017

†The winning bonus ball for March was number 28. †Congratulations to Tom Ewing who picked up £450. †The lucky number that came up in April was number 7 – David Allan was the winner and thus for the second month running a Board member has picked up the £450 prize. †Tom has donated half of his winnings towards the new Cowdenbeath FC Club 135 initiative whilst David has made a sizeable donation towards the cost of the free bus the club are running to convey fans to the big match at Elgin on Saturday.†
So why not try and get in the money yourself – there are three numbers in the draw that are still available - 11, 14, and 44? †Of course you’ve got to be in it to win it so contact the Club if you want to play the Blue Brazil Bonus Ball lottery