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2017/18 Season News

Club 135

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Club 135

PostedMay 30, 2017

As the dust settles on season 2016/17 Club 135 assumes even more significance. It is a vital lifeline for our club and at this early stage two key funding objectives have been identified. More detail will follow in the next few days but the 2 strands are essentially 1) a boost to next season's budget in order to ensure Cowden's competitive position is improved - the play off last week being a salutary lesson for everyone; and 2) to begin to build a real and sustainable economic base to underpin the club's activities at the heart of the community in future years.

There have been several further significant donations made in the last few days - For example the winners of the Cowdenbeath 100 Club prize draw in both March (Keith Lawrence) and April (Ian Adam) each picked up,145.50. Both of them though pledged all their winnings to Club 135. What a great gesture!

Another very popular motivation behind making a donation to Club 135 is to commemorate friends and relatives no longer with us. They along with all contributors will have their names formally recorded - including we anticipate by having their names interwoven into a special edition Cowdenbeath FC jersey. Donations on such a basis this last week or so totalling 420 have been made including - 'In Memory of David Skelding', 'In Memory of William Graham', and 'From Roberta, Christine, Gordon and Ritchie Miller in Memory of Alex Miller'. What a wonderful way of honouring the memory of loyal fans of yesteryear!

Another donor Malcolm Slora celebrated a milestone birthday by donating a commensurate amount to Club 135. Maybe a loved one would appreciate a birthday donation to Club 135?

As you can see matters are gathering pace so have a think about it - how can you help? Making a donation or even better perhaps persuading friends and family to do the same or even via a fundraiser!?

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