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2017/18 Season News

Absent Friends

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Absent Friends

PostedDecember 11, 2017

As the Festive season once again approaches and we prepare to say goodbye to the Auld Year, as well as celebrations for many this is also a time for reflection – a time for pausing to remember those loved ones and friends who are no longer with us. Those with whom we shared past years and enjoyed convivial times. Indeed, maybe they loved coming along to the Ne’erday derby match at Central Park and sharing a dram with their fellow fans. Or they sat alongside you in the Stand and cheered on the Blue Brazil.

Cowdenbeath FC wish to honour those fans, friends and ex-players who sadly are no longer with us. Our first foots in 2018 will be Edinburgh City who visit Central Park on Saturday January 6th (weather permitting). Our match programme for that game will include a section recalling ‘Absent Friends’ and ‘Absent Friends’ will be deemed to be the match sponsors for this game.

So, if you had a friend or a family member who was a fan or a player of Cowdenbeath FC who has passed away and you would like to have them commemorated as an ‘Absent Friend’ at this match please send details to or hand in details to the club office before 22 December 2017. Facebook messaging can also be used. A short message in memoriam with or without a photo can be submitted.

There is no cost involved (albeit Club 135 can of course accept any voluntary donations) and we also take this opportunity to wish our fans and the folks of Cowdenbeath all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

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