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2017/18 Season News

The Weekly News : Issue 8

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The Weekly News : Issue 8

PostedMarch 23, 2018


It has now been agreed this act will be repealed – Football Clubs in Scotland widely supported the repeal as the Act was seen to be unfairly targeted at football and existing laws were sufficient to deal with these types of offences.


The SPFL has advised the Under 20 Development League will be replaced by a Reserve League for next season – there will be an East League as per this season.


Sir Alex Ferguson has been most supportive of Cowdenbeath FC recently and has kindly added his support to the club’s cause and made a donation to Club 135. For some reason then on Wednesday the word on Cowdenbeath Street was that Sir Alex had donated 135,000! The club was also telephoned by a news reporter asking if it was true that Sir Alex had donated 50,000!


Here is an e-mail the club received on Monday which we believe speaks for itself :

‘My dad, James Chalmers (Jimmy) was a life-long supporter of his beloved was his father before him.

Unfortunately he passed away on the 17th of March, which was St Patrick’s Day. This would have been my mum’s 90th birthday...sadly mum passed 6 years ago to an extremely rare condition..SupraNuclearPalsy.

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers shortly after mum died. From their house in Old Perth Road you could hear the football and later the Stock Cars.

Dad supported Cowdenbeath and stuck up for them even when they were good or bad!

His youngest grandson Ewan took on that role when grandad became frail. Dad moved into Roselea Nursing Home 3 years ago and he could see a bit of his beloved Cowdenbeath from his room.

Sadly his Alzheimers left him unable to talk and walk at the end...but during his final hours when we were with him on the day he died...Ewan opened his window and we could hear them scoring!!!

I don’t know if he heard them but Ewan was giving him a running commentary.

It’s a very sad time for us all....but I wanted to let the Club know the enjoyment he’s had over the years.

Thanking you for giving my dad a fitting end’.


Margaret Duff


There were discussion with Dumbarton re this player coming to Central Park on a loan basis – this was not possible as SPFL clubs can only have one loan player aged over 23 at one time.

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