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2022/23 Season News

Supporters Trust Gets Green Light!

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Supporters Trust Gets Green Light!

PostedApril 30, 2023

For Cowdenbeath FC, simply put, it is time for a fresh start - rather than dwelling on past disappointments. We have recently laid down some new foundations and continue to actively review the club’s operating model. We also have now appointed an ambitious new manager.

Cowdenbeath, being a proud mining community, is famed for its solidarity and commitment. Those are attributes we must now call on. So we ask you to please stand up and be counted in the cause of Cowdenbeath FC. Don’t miss the bus – let’s collectively play an active part in developing our football club. We can strive together to pull off something rather unique. Stent Nae Stent (Shirk no Task) is the motto of the town of Cowdenbeath – that will stand us in good stead.

Key of course is the new Supporters Trust venture. Its ambitions include securing the future succession of the club over time via a fan ownership model and generating enhanced funding for the playing staff. The recent online survey undertaken on behalf of the Club had 207 respondents to the question ‘how important is it for you for the Club to play in a higher league’? 86% of those surveyed said it was very important or important. That is a clear expression of your ambitions.

The Club’s shareholders gave wholehearted support to this approach at their meeting on 3 April. A subsequent well-attended open meeting was held with supporters - they too gave enthusiastic backing to the concept. Initial quick feedback has already come in from 45 fans indicating they would look to join the Trust and support it. That includes regular cash contributions to support the club - in part inspired by the example of Zoe Smith who showed just what one committed person can actually achieve.

At the public meeting it was agreed that the new Supporters Trust should be established now as we head towards season 2023/24. Brian Lumsden and Craig Bennet, who also run the 100 club, have taken on the initial responsibility for promoting and setting up the trust (aided by Supporters Direct who also presented at the recent fans meeting). Craig and Brian will establish a working party by recruiting some further fan volunteers to help take matters forward at pace. It really is a case of now is the hour! Please give Brian and Craig and their team your support as they reach out to all those with Cowdenbeath FC at heart in the coming weeks.

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