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2023/24 Season News

Proposed Scottish Conference League

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Proposed Scottish Conference League

PostedJune 3, 2023

The Board of Cowdenbeath FC initially discussed this in outline when there was little hard and fast information to hand. Later the papers for the SFA AGM were circulated which provided us with an overview of the proposal. The CFC Board has thus now been able to formally consider the matter in advance of next week’s SFA AGM.

Firstly, we have never been in favour of admitting and embedding B teams in the Pyramid structure. We are all for player development but the raison d’etre of B teams is markedly different to that of the clubs in the pyramid structure. They each have a very separate place in the game. Our recent support for the status quo for 2023/24 was mainly predicated on allowing time for further dialogue re the Pyramid and consequently to seek to ensure that the Conference proposal would be properly subject to a transparent and democratic voting process.

Secondly, in respect of the Conference League, having now reviewed the details of the proposal, we are not enthused by a construct which envisages delivering to supporters of Scottish football a full League season over 9/10 months effectively involving just 6 competing clubs. Meantime the other 40% of the League’s proposed membership is seemingly to be self-selected and will operate with a wholly different agenda. Cowdenbeath FC can therefore confirm that the Conference is not something we can support.

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