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2010/11 Season News

Match Day update

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Match Day update

PostedAugust 26, 2010

Cowdenbeath FC would like to take this opportunity to explain further how admission arrangements will work this season with the club in the 1st Division.
This is a more complex issue than might be imagined. There are various authorities involved to a greater or lesser extent - SFA, SFL, Police and Council - as regards these sort of arrangements. It has been agreed that Cowdenbeath fans will enter from the turnstiles at the Chapel Street end for all matches this season. Visiting supporters will come in at the High Street end. Ultimately, this 'configuration' is the most cost efficient for the club in terms of stewarding and policing for the season. For the segregated games when there may well be more away fans than home, then it is much more realistic to use the High Street end for the majority of supporters - it has more turnstiles.
The SFL for 1st Division games generally expects clubs to have distinct home and away entrances. Consultations with the SFL and Police produced a strong recommendation that pre-defined and consistent entry arrangements for matches should apply for all games this season. The intention is to maintain a consistency of turnstile/entry arrangements throughout the season to avoid any confusion. Fans will have the same entry point for all games rather than the more confusing scenario of differing arrangements if the game is segregated or not. At present, we expect that the games versus Dundee, Falkirk, Dunfermline and Raith Rovers will be segregated with Cowden fans accommodated in the Chapel Street end and the Old stand. In all other games, notwithstanding the turnstiles used for entry, there will normally be no segregation.
Season ticket holders who have already taken up the offer of a designated seat in the stand should enter from the High Street end, terracing only season ticket holders from the Chapel Street end. If any of the terracing only season ticket holders now wish to reserve a stand seat they should contact the Club as per the recent letter sent out to them.
Disabled supporters enter via the gate at the High Street end with their carer passing through the turnstiles.
Family (Parent with a Child) should now pass through the same designated turnstile at either end of the ground depending on whether they are home or away fans.
Thanks for your co-operation and understanding - it is much appreciated.

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