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2011/12 Season News

Blue Brazil Lottery - Lucky Numbers!

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Blue Brazil Lottery - Lucky Numbers!

Posted October 28, 2011

The latest draw for the Blue Brazil Lottery took place at the Juntion Bar, Cowdenbeath, on Friday 28th October and the winning numbers are:

2, 4, 6, 12, 13 & 14.

The jackpot was not won but 23 lucky participants share the bonus prize. Neil Ferguson and Ralph Coleman (John Cameron), A Dunlop, M Maxwell ,G G Smith and Charlene (Alex Haddow), J Ross, Craig Drummond and Moira Young (Woodside Hotel), Sam Adams, Paul and Liz Davidson (Kassy’s Kitchen), Vikki Peacock and Nessie Drysdale (Nicola Drysdale), R Rowan and Empty Head (The Glen Tavern), J Paterson (Beath Bargain Stores), Chris Wilson, Scott Lowden and Jack Martin (twice) (Under 15’s), Mags & Rab  (Under 14s), Bill Hutton (Wee Jimmies). Each wins £4.30.
The jackpot now stands at £4400 and the next draw will take place at Wee Jimmies, Cowdenbeath on Friday 4th November @12 noon. You have to be in it to win it!

Meanwhile, the club are looking for more lottery agents. Do your bit to support the club and receive a generous 15% commission along with other benefits. Contact John Cameron on 01383 610166 or email for more information.

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